Our G-VITAMIN premium nutrition drink

Our product range comprises high-quality drinks in a wide variety of delicious flavours – so there is something to suit every taste.

G-VITAMIN drinks are an absolute must for athletes. So why not at your company and in your home, too? With our exclusive product creations, treat your employees and guests to something they’ll truly enjoy.

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GOLDEN LAND premium nutrition products

GOLDEN LAND was founded in 2010 in Hamburg. We are a specialised company that supplies premium supplement drinks. All our products under the G-VITAMIN brand are produced in Germany. Our effort is to offer top-quality products for discerning consumers worldwide who wish to enjoy a drink that is both healthy and refreshing.


Our vision is to simplify and improve the lives of all people


We aim to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction by providing an optimal price–performance ratio.

To improve peoples’ lives – one drink per person every day.


Whether you’re an athlete or not, stress, strain in training or a nutritional imbalance all influence your daily performance. To keep fit, you need to do more than eat healthily now and then. Above all, the body requires nutrients such as vitamins and minerals in order to give its best performance. With our high-quality nutrition drinks, we help you to lead a healthy lifestyle and achieve a harmonious work–life balance. This is a sure way to ensure a long-lasting and healthy life.

Quality you can taste and feel

Premium sports nutrition by GOLDEN LAND

Each product undergoes stringent safety controls and is produced according to the highest German quality controls and conforms to the requirements of the food hygiene regulation. It goes without saying that all G-VITAMIN products are completely free from sugar, aspartame, gluten and animal products (vegan), and that they are not genetically modified. Our low-calorie products are enriched with beneficial vitamins. These include vitamins D3, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, biotin and L-carnitine.